Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BreakoutEDU Artifact Resources

BreakoutEDU is new to my campus, but it is taking off fast!    Digital breakouts seem to be easier to do as we are not limited to group sizes based on the number of physical boxes and locks we have.

We started off our breakout exploration digging through the sandbox of lessons that people have submitted from around the country.   We have found some good ones, but run into problems from time to time as our district does not allow bit.ly links to go through.  This means that we have had to rebuild a few of these breakouts so that all the links would work for our students.   The BreakoutEDU Website has some great tutorials on how to use google to create the websites, the forms, and other cool tricks to create the website.  I hgihly recommend starting there!

After using these breakouts, the teachers are now branching off and starting to build our own breakouts from scratch.   We have also wanted to create some that are part digital and part physical.  So the clues could exist in the room, but the locks and some of the clues are online on the website.

I had been building up my pinterest board of resources and ideas for breakouts.  I  have gone through those pins to compile a list of resources to help teachers (and myself) create artifacts.

Create Artifacts
  • Ransomizer: - create a ransom note - I used this one to introduce the breakout to my STEM girls group. This was a great hook to get them interested.

Some of these artifacts we are leaving digital and using as images on the website, or added to Google Draw and hidden links embedded on them. Other times we are printing them and placing them in room somewhere to be found as a clue.     I am continuing to build our list of resources.