Monday, April 3, 2017

Definitions, Connections and Reflections - #IMMOOC Week 6

As the IMMOOC course draws to a close I am grateful for being a part of it.   Through the last few weeks I have taken time to think through my own mindset about education.  

I like that I now have a good working definition of what innovation is and is not.  It is a word that is thrown around a lot in school without a good grasp on what they are really saying.  I struggle with helping teachers move forward to new practices and now I have a clearer picture of what I am looking for in a lesson and a web tool.  

Connections is another take away for me from this course. It is important to connect with the people in the building, teachers and students.    I have also been challenged to push past all the busy work and get into the classrooms and get with teachers.    I have ideas on how to make this happen and have implemented a few this year and am looking forward to starting off the year next school year with these practices in place.  Connections outside the building are also important.  I have enjoyed reading other people's blogs and following new people on twitter.  These connections help push my thinking and encourage me to try new things.

The practice of reflection has also been beneficial.  I rarely take time to reflect in writing on what I am doing and thinking.   Taking the time has helped me to make connections between different theories, ideas and practices.  It has also helped me look at what I am doing and see if it meets the goals I have for my position on campus.   Taking time to reflect on a lesson that I took a lot of time to create also shares that lesson with other people who are interested.  I have learned so much from others who have shared that I need to add to that conversation.

I have enjoyed the challenges of this course and I plan to continue the practices I have learned and hope to look back in a year and see the growth that has occurred by putting these into place.


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