Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trust is Earned - IMMOOC Week 3 - Post 2

I have worked at my campus since 2001 in my position as Instructional Technology Specialist.  Over the years I have worked on gaining trust of those that I work with day in and day out. Some days I feel more successful about this than others.  What I have learned is that trust is earned over time. Here is my top three ways I have earned trust from the teachers I work with:
  • Do what you say you are going to do.  If I tell a teacher I am going to find a good resource for them, I need to do it.  
  • Be on the front lines with those you are working with.  I co-teach classes with teachers on a regular basis and I teach lessons in clubs and other activities to show teachers that I too am a teacher and I understand the struggles and realities that come with the job.   I am not there to judge, criticize or shame. I am there to help and walk alongside them.
  • Be kind.   I am human and get frustrated at times with situations and people.  Those I work with need to feel like I am not going to take my frustrations out on them or speak badly about them but will work with them to understand the situation and help reach a reasonable outcome.   


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