Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reflection is Important - IMMOOC Week 4 #2

G. Couros - Innovator's Mindset
Over the years I have discovered twitter, Pinterest, G+ and other social networks to connect with people that also want to grow professionally and challenge what they know and do.  Looking through this list I am pleasantly surprised that I am practicing most of it.  I have voice and choice  in what I learn and how I learn it.   I am provided with opportunities for innovation and am able to find areas in the curriculum that would benefit from innovation and technology.  Today I am teaching 6th grade students how to use design thinking to solve problems caused by natural disasters in Southeast Asia using Littlebits.

What I am NOT doing is purposefully reflecting on what I am doing and learning. I am always assessing and making changes to improve the lesson throughout the day (and days as I often tech the lesson 10-20 times to get all the students in a grade level).     I do not take time to publicly reflect and share what is happening so that I am contributing to the global conversation.  I am hoping that this blog will become my place for reflection and sharing.  I have learned so much from others that maybe it is time that I venture out and share what I have learned with those outside my campus and district.


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