Friday, February 24, 2017


I heard about booksnaps on twitter, introduced by Tara Martin and wanted to try them out.  This is a strategy where you take a photo of the portion of the text that you want to annotate and then add graphics and write some text to explain that piece of the text.   This could be done as a way to analyze primary documents in history class as well.  Vocabsnaps is another take on it this strategy.

The problem was i did not want to encourage the use of snap SnapChat with my middle schoolers and not everyone is using SeeSaw so I needed a more universal approach.  Adobe Spark seemed promising, but the user policy states you need to be 13 to create an account.    I read suggestions that Google Draw could be a possibility and we are a GAFE district so that seemed to be a good solution.  I could not find examples or directions with using Google Draw, so I decided to make some.

I am introducing this to teachers next week and am hopeful that I will be seeing Booksnaps  and vocabsnaps on campus soon.


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